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First project - planning a lavender ruffle panelled skirt - fabric selection

As I am the first customer of my designs, I am planning to sew a panelled skirt from three different fabrics. So I decided for a lavender colourway of the 1830s sprigs and dots fabric collection and ordered more or less 2 yards in total: 1 metre of the "1830s Grande Lavender Sprigs Dots Design" and a "Fill-A-Yard™ of Fabric" (Link at the top of the collection) in horizontal split with the medium and petite size of the same colourway. As material I chose petal signature cotton, as I am a hopeless cotton fan, though it is only 42 inches (107 cm) wide. The task is to make a lovely and light summer skirt out of the two yards, regarding the fact that those fabrics are not the cheapest, but certainly worth their money. The fabrics arrived a few days ago and I washed and ironed them already:

The tiniest design will be the upper panel, the medium the middle and the biggest pattern the lowest panel. I am definately excited, if this skirt turns out as I plan it from scratch with no pattern. So stay tuned! All the best.

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